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MOL Slovenia Opened Its 3rd Service Station in Ljubljana

MOL Slovenia Opened Its 3rd Service Station in Ljubljana

On Wednesday 14 June MOL Slovenia opened already its 46th service station and the 3rd one in Ljubljana. The day was important for the company as it has been only 6 months since it opened its first service station in capital city, and now already the 3rd station started serving its customers. The new station on Bratislavska street close BTC city shopping centre provides a pleasant stopover with Fresh Corner offer of excellent coffee, sandwiches, fresh bakery, smoothies, etc.  In addition, the customers can fuel up with the new generation of EVO fuels, which were introduced to the Slovenian customers in June.

"We are proud to have a new service station in Ljubljana in addition to the existing two. With MOL Bratislavska we further strengthened our position as the third largest retail network in Slovenia. Our goal is to be the first choice of customers, thus we are striving to ensure best customer experience to each of our guests. The quality of our products, wide gastro offer of Fresh Corners, and last but not least our caring hosts are welcoming new guests," said Valerija Glavač, CEO of MOL Slovenia.

In the opening ceremony MOL representatives welcomed new service station hosts to our MOL team and wished them a lot of smile from guests. As a company with high awareness for local communities and their needs, during the ceremony MOL Slovenia also gave a donation intend for purchase of necessary equipment for children hospital in Ljubljana.


Safety driving trainings in MOL Slovenija

Safety driving trainings in MOL Slovenija

MOL Slovenija has a number of programs for promotion of health and safety at work. One of them is as well Safety driving training, where participants spend a day at the testing polygon which enables them to experience different dangerous road circumstances. Under careful eye of instructors, employees acknowledge what can cause an accident and how to avoid it. This is extremely important for all employees who are daily on the road or who are taking lots of business trips. Refresh knowledge aims to provide attention due to the fact that over some time, driving became a routine which could bring us to thinking that “this could not happen to me”. Live experience at polygon proves us that no one is a perfect driver and everyone could involve in accident quickly, f.e. it could takes only a second of our reduced attention. Thus the main goal of safety driving program beside efforts for safety of employees,  is as well to remind us that we need to pay special attention from the moment we sit in a car.

Workshop GOODBYE STRESS organized in MOL Slovenija

Workshop GOODBYE STRESS organized in MOL Slovenija

MOL Slovenija employees get an opportunity to participate in workshop which main goal is to teach them how to handle stress. European Agency for Safety and Health at work reported that working always under pressure could lead to five times more accidents. Therefore it is important to know how to handle pressure and how to work efficiently and healthy under pressure or some even change it into positive motivation. For this occasion, employees could voluntary decided whether this subject is interesting for them and participate in all day session where they executed exercises based on Chinese traditional methods – exercises for relaxing, breathing and calming, acupressure points for most often ailments at work, understanding of our operation and customs and how to change them and with lots of simple instructions for health and satisfaction at work and at home. MOL Slovenija demonstrated that it is an employer with high level of awareness for employees’ health with several already established health promotion initiatives and programs. Latest project – GOODBYE STRESS was once more evaluated as outstanding, different and welcoming by employees.

MOL Slovenija once again participate in a humanitarian project

MOL Slovenia this year as traditionally joined in the voluntary charity project where we collected food, cosmetics materials and toys for three organizations, which main activities are helping famillies and kids in need- Varna hiša Pomurja- center for women, which want to withdraw them and often their children from violence, Dnevni center KEKEC- center for daily stays for children from social threatened families, and ANINA zvezdica- campaing for raise food for persons living in poverty.

In company MOL Slovenija we are aware that even smaller steps can count much and with them we can change everything. That's why we are included in various voluntary actions and projects, special emphasis is paid also to blood donation project, which attends more and more employees.



Service station MOL Mestinje cooperated in fire drill

Davorin Kosovel, commander of Voluntary fire brigade Mestinje, thanked MOL Slovenija and all employees on service station for cooperating in fire drill and for enabling the drill in the first place.

One costumer noticed thick smoke, which was smoked out of Ses MOL and called the fire mans. They found out that the fire was started in a small warehouse and immediately limited it and started with ventilation. They also removed the car, which stand on Ses. On intervention corporate 51 fire mans with 12 fire trucks from 5 associations (Mestinje, Šmarje, Kristan vrh, Sladka gora in Zibika).

Evaluators evaluate the fire drill as very well prepared and as the firs drill on this location. They are also planning to prepare more drills like that one.

MOL Mestinje

Service Station MOL Rožna Dolina received 29. plaquette »Ogledalo mojega okolja 2015«


Tourist association Nova Gorica organized an evaluation campaign “Ogledalo mojga okolja” in collaboration with the Tourist Association Solkan, Šempeter- Vrtojba and schools abroad. Campaign began in May and concluded in December.

The assessment includes over 200 institutions; the main emphasis is on cleanliness, tidiness, friendly staff, hospitality and a new acquisition for the environment, which is different from the other offers.

This year, the highest score in the C category- restaurants and bars, stores and casinos, received our service station MOL Rožna Dolina. Mr. Peter Rožič, manager of the station took over the plaquette at the ceremony on Friday, 4.12.2015.
With this award the employees demonstrated their commitment, efficiency and dedication to customers of service station.

At this time we congratulate them and thank them for this achievement!


MOL Group acquires Eni´s Downstream Business in Slovenia

BUDAPEST, 11.11.2015 - MOL signed an agreement for the acquisition of Eni’s entire retail network and wholesale activities in Slovenia. The current deal includes 17 Agip branded service stations in Slovenia (including dealer owned sites), which will strengthen MOL’s position among the top three retail network operators in the country.  Through the acquisition, MOL Group continues to expand its retail network in CEE in line with its Downstream strategy. The acquired retail network is a perfect match to MOL´s existing network and will complement its current Slovenian network of 40 stations. In addition, the deal provides an opportunity to establish a retail presence in Ljubljana.

Closing of the transaction is subject to the fulfilment of certain condition precedents, including the competition clearance.

"We are very glad that with this transaction we are strengthening our position in Slovenia and extending our coverage to the capital, Ljubljana. In the past 18 months we have announced the acquisition of around 450 service stations in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia. As a result we are succeeding in significantly increasing our market share and ensuring further overall margin capture for our Downstream business." – said Ferenc Horváth, Downstream Executive VP, MOL Group.

New UPPPers jump into a virtual adventure

The 2nd edition of our international talent acquisition programme UPPP started today with a motto “Your adventure awaits…” In the UPPP competition students from petro-technical fields like geosciences and petroleum engineering participate in an adventurous online simulation game solving industrial and strategic tasks in a virtual environment.

In the UPPP online competition, participants form teams by inviting friends or by looking for potential teammates in the registration database, which include people from different countries, universities and fields of study. After the online game closes on 6 November the top five teams with highest scores will compete in the live finals in Budapest for a total prize of 25,000 EUR. In addition, the best talents may receive job offers in our UPPP Technical Placement Programme.

We are also encouraging young female students to apply for the UPPP programme. Hina Arshad, is a young woman working as an assistant production engineer at MOL Pakistan. Her advice is to the next generation of UPPPers: “Believe in yourselves, step forward and prove yourselves!” She also added: “You will experience opportunities, challenges and diversity. Students will be able to test their skills and technical knowledge, and test themselves on how effectively they can apply these in practice.”

"This year we continue the adventure with even bigger enthusiasm and will offer qualified top students real-life challenges and the opportunity to join MOL Group’s E&P division. The UPPP programme is dedicated to those students who are searching for new adventures and want to start their careers in the oil and gas industry." Zdravka Demeter Bubalo, HR Vice President of MOL Group.

The UPPP registration is open from 24 September to 15 October, 2015. For more information please visit: www.uppp.info and www.facebook.com/moluppp

MOL Slovenija hosted Freshhh team DECORE

Murska Sobota, 09. 07. 2015 – MOL Slovenija hosted Freshhh team DECORE, first Slovenian team in the history of Freshhh competition, which qualified between top 5 teams and achieve excellent third place in live final. Team members are coming from Faculty for chemistry and chemical technology in Ljubljana and also in MOL Slovenija, we wanted to express our proud of team´s success. They demonstrated that also smaller countries have great talents.

Valerija Glavač, CEO of MOL Slovenija added:

»Considering high number of teams around the world in this year´s Freshhh competition, we can be truly proud on Slovenian team DECORE, who qualified for the finals and achieved third place. I am happy that today the team presented their experiences and impressions from the competition at reception which we prepared for them in order to express our gratitude for all of their efforts and hard work during the competition rounds.”

DECORE team are Tine, Tomaž and Matej and they impressed MOL Slovenija team with their professional, but yet relaxed attitude towards the competition tasks and the ways how they manage to solve them. As they said, firstly they took this competition as just another competition, but round after round they get more and more excited and ambitious to find better solutions. Consequently, the results were getting better and better and the final result together with the amazing experience of Freshhh live event in Budapest, is something they would remember as a valuable part of their student time.

MOL Slovenija employees on traditional day of health – STEP 2015

As already traditionally, also this year we organized a day devoted to health and healthy life style promotion for our employees, which was executed on June 20ty. This year, STEP event was organized in location surrounded by beautiful forests of Kočevje region, where the first part was devoted to hiking activities. Six groups of employees compete in challenges of Peter Klepec – a Slovenian legend, who according to host tradition had an unusual power.

With STEP program our company is striving to promote health and the importance of sport for health of our employees.