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MOL Group is dedicated to practicing fair market behaviour; its activities on the market must be conducted in accordance with the norms of fair competition and the spirit and letter of applicable competition law.

Fully complying with competition law is not only a legal obligation but is related to attitudes and cultures that can positively impact a company’s business. The aim of our Compliance Program is to raise the awareness of our employees and to eliminate legal risks, thus supporting the effective implementation of business strategies in a legal way.

MOL Group fully respects and complies with the respective competition law of the Treaty of the European Union and all national legislation which is defined in the Competition Acts of all those countries where MOL Group companies are active.

Our competition law compliance activity includes the following elements:

  • competition law standards are described in our Code of Ethics and Business Conduct;
  • a detailed description of anti-competitive behaviours and the procedure to be followed in case of any misconduct or suspicion of wrongdoing is defined in our internal regulations;
  • thorough training of employees for whom competition law is relevant is conducted to provide a deep understanding of the rules - this is accompanied by regular testing using an e-system;
  • a reporting system for compliance activities has been created;
  • according to our Business Partners Code of Ethics MOL Group business partners shall commit themselves to conducting their business operations in accordance with the norms of fair competition and in conformity with applicable competition law. If the norms contained in the Business Partners Code of Ethics are substantially breached, MOL Group will terminate cooperation with the business partners concerned.