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MOL Group respects fundamental human rights, our Code of Ethics and Business Conduct includes the ethical norms to be followed.

“Human rights are based on the principle of respect for the individual. Their fundamental assumption is that each person is a moral and rational being who deserves to be treated with dignity. They are called human rights because they are universal” (United for Human Rights 2012)

Besides respecting our employees’ rights, respecting human rights is a fundamental aspect of our community engagement. We can hereby state that MOL Group is not engaged in activities which affect indigenous people. Nevertheless, our modus operandi ensures the safeguarding of the rights of tribal populations.

MOL Group respects the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which summarizes fundamental human rights in 30 articles (United Nations General Assembly 1948) and further guidance documents on human rights such as the UN Global Compact (2000), the UN Guiding Principles (’Ruggie Framework’) (2011), the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises (2011) and voluntary principles about security and human rights. We are striving to implement them into our everyday business operations.

Our human rights protection practices include the following:

  • MOL Group respects the fundamental human rights which are described in our Group Code of Ethics and Business Conduct.
  • ethics-related e-learning materials and presentations dealing, among other things, with human rights issues are mandatory for all our employees who have access to the MOL Group intranet.
  • an annual managerial presentation about ethical norms is obligatory for all employees.
  • country chairmen – as part of their annual ethics related duties – have to report on the human rights-related risks of the given country they are working in and draw up relevant mitigation plans.
  • an ethical reporting system which supports the handling of internal and external grievances was created.
  • according to the Business Partner Code of Ethics, MOL Group partners shall respect human rights. We are striving to make the Business Partners Code of Ethics part of every contract. If the norms defined in the MOL Group Business Partners Code of Ethics are permanently and substantially breached, MOL Group will terminate its business cooperation with the business partner concerned.