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Responsible Supply Chain

MOL Group as a multinational company enters into relationships and conduct business with thousands of suppliers from more than 40 countries. We are committed to build and maintain a responsible and sustainable supply chain, that’s why our interactions with our suppliers are based on compliance with all relevant laws and regulations and the highest ethics standards. We support our suppliers to comply with them, and they are required to behave in a responsible and sustainable manner.

We particularly emphasize:

  • to avoid and prohibit corrupt practices in all circumstances, whether in dealings with government officials or representatives of the private sector,
  • to respect the human rights of others and to condemn human rights abuses in any form,
  • to comply with the relevant health, safety and environmental protection laws, legal and MOL Group regulations,
  • to comply with the norms of fair competition.

We ask of our suppliers:

  • to get acquainted with MOL Group’s ethical standards and follow these requirements all times, and extend them to their own supply chain. Please, find the detailed norms in MOL Group Code of Ethics and Business Conduct and the most important requirements for suppliers in the Business Partner Code of Ethics. We expect partners to immediately inform MOL Group on a breach of the Code of Ethics and Business Conduct and the implementation of corrective actions regarding any activity performed in connection with MOL Group operations.
  • to demonstrate – in proportion to size, complexity and risk environment – efforts in upholding these principles by having adequate compliance measures in place, i.e. own code of conduct/ethics, policy or other type of management commitment and means to uphold it. To support our partners in this, we publish a free Template Code which can be used and tailored to create and implement own Codes, and should be disclosed publicly and rolled out to own employees and business partners.

If the Business Partners Code of Ethics is permanently or substantially breached:

  • in course of operation of our partners (i.e. by own employee conduct or by their suppliers or sub-contractors, intermediaries, proxies or agents), MOL Group reserves the right to apply corrective measures up to and including termination of business co-operation in accordance with the applicable law. Such breach can be determined in accordance with the principles stated in the MOL Group Ethics Council Rules of Procedure by MOL Group Ethics Council.
  • If non-compliance or breach emerge, our partners shall co-operate in clarification. As part of this co-operation MOL Group companies participating in the clarification may ask for verification and if there is a reason for concern, for corrective measures by the following means:
    • Self-Assessment: e.g. fill in a questionnaire, conduct internal investigation or solicit information from a third party, e.g. a data provider or public information on compliance.
    • Certifications/Statements: e.g. certification or statement confirming compliance.
    • On-Site Audits: MOL Group or a third party acting on MOL Group’s behalf may contact business partners and ask for permission to verify compliance on site.
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