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MOL Slovenija as a member of MOL Group dedicates particular attention to sustainability through our commitment for the balanced integration of economic, environmental and social factors into our everyday business operations.

Sustainable development, as ensuring permanently improving living conditions for an increasing population within the limits of resources available on our globe, –is one of the greatest challenges of the 21st century.


Sustainable Development, for us, means a corporate commitment to the balanced integration of economic, environmental and social factors into our everyday business operations, to maximise long-term stakeholder value and to safeguard our licence to operate.

MOL Group, as a major oil and gas company has a critical role in the life of the society and economy. Through its products it can contribute to efficient traffic, transportation of goods, energy generation, as well as the petrochemical sector can produce feedstock for the plastic industry, indispensable in modern age.

During its operations, MOL has been for long time seriously applying the principle of sustainability, and providing relevant information to the society and the stakeholders. MOL Plc., as the first company in Hungary, published its HSE Report in 1997, where targets and results in health protection, safety and environmental protection were presented. The scope of content of this report was expanded, then, since 2002 this document has been published under the titled „Sustainable Development” presenting MOL Group’s results.

Program STEP & Health promotion

STEP is MOL Group program which main message is healthy life style and importance of physical activity. Each year also MOL Slovenija organize STEP day, where we are trying to forward the message of the program to our employees. We share the meaning of healthy life style and physical activity with our employees through different courses, sport games and fun part of the event.

We encourage healthy life style of our employees also in other ways. We enable covering of registration fee for participation on running contest to all our active runners between our team. MOL Slovenija employees are also active in project of blood donations, where each year we achieving high participation of our employees – we are proud on this success; it reflects our efforts to promote volunteering. To all employees who decided to participate in blood donation action, the company enables 1 additional day of holiday leave as an encouragement; we are aware namely the valuables of such project and help to fellow human beings.

The number of projects and engagement of our employees for volunteering projects, confirmed to us that the guidelines of sustainable development of company and our social responsibility, reflects also on our employees, which is for sure the biggest success of active integration of sustainability in our everyday business, care for fellow human beings and future generations.

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