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Growww is a graduate programme that offers top talents a unique opportunity to start their career at an international oil & gas company, gain work experience under professional guidance, and prove themselves in cross-cultural working environment. During the intensive one-year programme, students will gain insights into the industry by participating in the Business Education Programme (BEP) and establishing and developing professional relationships. Each young professional is mentored by a senior colleague. After finishing the programme, most of the participants are continuing their career at MOL Group in expert or specialist positions. The Growww programme encourages women to accelerate their professional growth, and drew in a remarkably high percentage of female applicants last year (above 35% compared to the industry and company average), 1,770 GROWWWers have been recruited since the programme started in 2007 and almost 40% of former programme participants have been vertically promoted in the company.

Please visit www.molgroup.info/growww for more information.

Aleš Horvat
Non-fuel Manager, former Growwwer

“As a Growwwer, I got to know a multinational business environment – a place where there are endless possibilities if you’re committed and are willing to embrace teamwork.

In return, you are offered personal and professional growth.

After three years in MOL, I have worked on many projects and gathered vast experience in Retail and Marketing, but even now I still face new challenges each day.

I enjoy how one day is different from the next. MOL has shown appreciation for my commitment and willingness to take on new tasks, and this has translated into opportunities for promotion up to mid-level management.
Each year was special and different from the one before, but it was the first year of Growww that I cherish the most.

I recommend the Growww programme to all who are willing to commit themselves to the tasks at hand and build their future.”