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We are well aware that well maintained car is the key for safe driving. That is a reason why we offer you top quality oils, lubricants and windshield fluids of own brand at all of our service stations. We also offer you some other well-needed accessories, as well as professional cleaning of your car.

You can clean your car in one out of nineteen locations in Slovenia. Automatic car wash allows you to choose between four different types of washing, which vary according to your needs. At three of our service stations, you can clean your car by yourself.

PROGRAM XL TOP            ✓                      ✓                        ✓                        ✓                       ✓                        ✓                     ✓
PROGRAM L PREMIUM            ✓                      ✓                        ✓                        ✓                       ✓                                               ✓
PROGRAM M EXTRA            ✓                      ✓                        ✓                        ✓                                                                        ✓
PROGRAM S EXPRESS                                    ✓                        ✓                        ✓                                                                        ✓