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Use of our MOL lubricant products ensure and provide you perfect protection at highest level for gasoline and diesel engines of passenger cars and commercial vehicles. Equally effective are our lubricants and greases intended for use in field of transportation, industry, metalworking, etc.
Our Autochemical products (brake liquids, anti-freeze coolants and windscreen washer liquids) will escort you everywhere and will, acting as invisible supporters, ensure comfortable driving pleasure for you!
Constant TOP quality is our strength!

Automotive lubricants
No compromise in quality. This is the best characteristic for our transportation lubricants. Experiences from satisfied consumers can convince us that only the best is good enough.

We do our best for your driving pleasure! Our brake liquids, anti-freeze coolants and windscreen washer liquids will escort you everywhere and will, as invisible supporters, ensure a comfortable driving pleasure for you.

Industrial oils
We are at home at every field in the industry! Let it be instrument, machine, compressor, cooling machine, motor oil, or even food industry, one thing is for sure: our customers' demand is our key driver!

Metalworking fluids
Because of their unique properties the lubricating greases can be used in different purposes, for example lubricating the springs, ball bearings or roller bearings.

Lubricating greases
For machines, but for metalworking! You can use our products, which are produced in compliance of latest technology, for metalworking.

Preparation for reducing the emission of harmful exhaust gas components - primarily nitrogen oxides - in buses and commercial vehicles fitted with SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) exhaust gas after-treatment devices.

Motor oil and lubricant advisor
Find the most suitable MOL lubricants for your vehicle!