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No compromise in quality. This is the best characteristic of our transportation lubricants. Experiences from satisfied consumers can convince us that only the best is good enough.

The optimal oil is TOP MOL quality for each and every engine: the latest high-performance, most modern and premium quality synthetic oils provides perfect protection at the highest level. Our lubricants (gear oils) for gearboxes and transmissions provide energy-efficient operation in any situation! Re-engineered and tailor-made formulas complies with the latest international requirements and special demands and applications. At the MOL filling stations we will personally inform you on which product fits best and is most suitable for your vehicle.

Based on specifications and approvals of car manufacturers (OEM - original equipment manufacturer), you can find and select online the most suitable MOL lubricants for your vehicle here.

MOL offers lubricants, automotive engine oils and gear oils for manual and automatic gearboxes of passenger vehicles, vans, commercial vehicles; oils for 2-stroke and 4-stroke motorcycle engines; trains, boats, ships, sports aeroplanes or helicopters and some other motor oils. Beside that, you can get on MOL filling stations lubricants for tractors - agriculture equipment and small gardening equipment and machinery.

MOL automotive lubricants for vehicles, labor machinery and gardening equipment, 2-strokes engines, tractors ( agricultural equipment ), gearboxes and transmissions:

Premium motor oils for passenger cars / transporters
Premium quality oils approved by car manufacturers! They raise engine protection to the highest level with synthetic lubricants especially designed for passenger cars and transport vehicles. Get the best performance out of your car!

Universal motor oils for passenger cars / transporters
Top quality for your engine and even more! Our state-of-the-art motor oils, strongly recommended for passenger vehicles, are great value for money, too. Go ahead, give them a test!

MOL Essence motor oils
Our totally reliable quality motor oil range complies with the latest international requirements. The re-engineered formulae now provide even longer engine life thanks to triple antioxidant protection.

Motor oils for commercial vehicles
Load does not matter! Let it be any type of work, load, haulage, agriculture and construction industry, our motor oils can fully meet the challenges.

Motor oils for gardening equipment
Excellent protection for small machines. Selecting the proper motor oil can ensure protection and long lifetime for grass-cutters, rotary hoes, soil disintegrators, snowplough machines and power generators even in intensive load.

Agricultural lubricants
Use the best also in agriculture! Our universal tractor oils can help you in maximising the lifetime of motors engaged in heavy-duty environment.

Motor oils for 2-stroke motors, mopeds and scooters
We recommend using our top performance motor oils for mopeds, motorbikes, gardening small equipment, sawing machines and
Motor oils for motorbikes
Optimized for two wheels. They guarantee good protection for the motor and motorcycle chains. With that they offer pleasure in riding experience on two wheels.

Gear oils for mechanical gears - hypoid oils ; and automatic transmission oils / fluids ( ATF )
Planned for industrial dimensions. We offer special and reliable gear oils also for low and medium load motors and distributors, piston-type and cogwheel pump of hydrostatic equipment and for automatic transmissions ( gearboxes )