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Low sulphur content and remarkable cold endurance. Joint development efforts with international additive producers ensure the excellent quality of MOL Diesel fuel.

Our high quality MOL diesel fuel fulfils all the environmental requirements and the most advanced vehicles’ needs as well.


Low sulphur content

Our diesel fuel protects against engine corrosion, abrasion and resin, which makes it an ideal fuel for both the most advanced high pressure injection systems and traditional diesel engines. Thanks to our refinery investments, we had reduced sulphur content in our diesel fuel below 10 ppm by July 1st 2005. Thus, we were already in line with the EU requirements that became mandatory in 2009. Sulphur-free fuels (i.e. those containing no more than 10 ppm sulphur) are marketed since July 1st 2005.

Advice and recommendations for use

Problems with diesel usually occur during wintertime. MOL diesel fuels ensure problem-free cold starts and engine operation even below -20 ˚C provided the engine oil quality is adequate and the vehicle is in proper technical condition.

  • Replacement of summer fuel stocks: MOL’s wholesale partners should carefully plan the replacement of their summer fuel stocks with winter diesel fuel. We do not recommend storing winter diesel with the summer stock, as the mixing deteriorates the value of the diesel.
  • Winter Operation: During winter operation, the most important factor that affects safety is the diesel filter. The best option is to use either a heated filter or a water separator filter. For reliable starts, your batteries should be in great condition and you should use engine fuel with good cold weather properties.

Sales Information

  • Standard No.: EN 590: 2013
  • Customs Tariff No.: 27101941