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The reliable MOL gasoline is an ideal fuel for both the most advanced high pressure injection systems and traditional carburettor engines.

Our gasoline provides protection against resin formation and corrosion.

There are two types of MOL gasoline:

  • Unleaded super gasoline, marked: EN-95
  • Unleaded super gasoline, marked: EN-98


Sulphur free, meets European standards

The required improvements in fuel quality are primarily concerned with the reduction in sulphur content.  Since July 1st 2005, MOL markets sulphur-free motor fuels with less than 10 ppm.

The quality of the gasoline produced in compliance with the European standards is ensured by the most recent additives developed by international additive producers.

MOL gasoline exceeds the standard specifications in several respects:

  • The lower sulphur content protects the catalyst
  • Due to the low olefin content and distillation residue, the quantity of deposit formation in the combustion chamber is reduced


Advice and recommendations for use

  • Purity: Product purity and elimination of water and mechanical contamination should always be kept in mind while producing, marketing and using gasoline.
  • Filter replacement: Mechanical contamination of the fuel may cause problems in the vehicles’ fuel supply system; regular filter cleaning and replacement is therefore of crucial importance.
  • Ignition system: To ensure problem-free operation, the condition of electrical cables and plugs must be regularly checked. The spark plugs and the air filter should be maintained and replaced if necessary.


Sales Information

Unleaded super gasoline 98 (EN-98)

  • Standard No.: EN 228: 2012
  • Customs Tariff No.: 27101149

Unleaded super gasoline 95 (EN-95)

  • Standard No.: EN 228: 2012
  • Customs Tariff No.: 27101145