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Modern and traditional; two in one. The perfect solution for industrial and communal oil fired equipment of a smaller capacity.

Modern additives

At its wholesale depots, MOL is marketing this heating oil formulated with modern additives. The heating oil is the fuel for homes and industrial or community oil fired equipment of a smaller capacity.

Advice and recommendations for use

The most commonly observed problems in heating oil use arise from the storage conditions that disregard the parameters of heating oil.

Pay attention to the following

  • Storage: If stored outdoors or in an unheated room, the pumping and atomising capability of the product is significantly reduced at temperatures below 0 °C.
  • Suction and vaporization: The limit for pumping is 5 ˚C, while 20 ˚C must be provided for the vaporisation capability.
  • Water-free condition: During prolonged storage, moisture may condense through the tank ventilation due to temperature fluctuation, which may result in increased water content. Water accumulated in the tank deteriorates the firing parameters, and by accumulating at the bottom of the tank, it prevents the discharge of the product. Therefore, it is advisable to inspect the tanks periodically and remove the accumulated water.

Sales Information

  • Standard No.: SIST 1011: 2011
  • Customs Tariff No.: 27101945